Normalized difference water index, NWVI coefficient, soil moisture, remote sensing data, vegetation indices, time series analysis


The article is devoted to the study of vegetation indices for assessing the productivity of agricultural crops of the North Kazakhstan Agricultural Experimental Station (NKAES) LLP. The research was carried out using a modern software package for processing satellite images, EOS Land Viewer. The work used images from the Landsat 8 (USA) and Sentitel 2 (European Space Agency) spacecraft. Digitized Earth remote sensing data for the last 3 years are presented, showing changes in the amount of moisture reserves on the territory of NKAES LLP. Time series of distribution of the studied coefficients were constructed according to different phases of active vegetation biomass in the study area. The resulting time series made it possible to identify annually repeating patterns, a linear trend of increasing and decreasing NDWI and NDVI on the territory of the NKAES LLP.

Review of studies over the past 5 years, published in highly rated foreign journals, on various vegetation indices, including indices designed to assess moisture content in vegetation and soil. It is noted that the first normalized water index, NDWI, using the SWIR infrared channel, unlike the widely used NDVI vegetation index, actually penetrates 80% of the atmosphere.

Analysis of the obtained NDWI allowed us to identify dry, moderately dry and fairly humid periods on the territory of the NKAES LPP from 2020 to 2023. Based on the research carried out, the feasibility of using normalized difference water indicators and normalized vegetation indices for further use in forecasting yields in the conditions of the North Kazakhstan region is substantiated. Next, using vegetation indices and additional agrometeorological factors, a linear model for predicting crop yields was developed. The coefficient of determination of the resulting model is 0.90 which indicates that the selected trend line reliably approximates the process under study.


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