internet of things, heterogeneous , network interaction , cyber-physical system , messaging protocols , data transferring standards


The article is devoted to the study of existing technologies regarding Internet of Things (IoT) device interaction in a heterogeneous network. Since each smart home appliance can be controlled by a customer who aims to find a cost-effective and easy-to-connect product for their own connected home, there are certain functional limitations for devices from distinct manufacturers that may decrease the intention to merge them all into a single network. A variety of proprietary protocols and communication standards embedded by vendors make their products unable to interact with other vendor devices if the connection standard used is not identical. Also, an IoT product design refers to its own functionality, mainly excluding the possibility of integration into other existing infrastructure. As IoT equipment emerges on the market, the complexity of its connection to a heterogeneous network corresponds to the firmware and the standard unification according to modern demands. It means that potential users might face the necessity of overcoming these issues to achieve high performance in terms of network interoperability. In general, an IoT gateway operating as a middleware might have the potential to enable a network with distinct communication models to operate without failure or data loss. This task requires the received data to be converted into the format in which the data is intended. This paper includes a comparative analysis of existing IoT device interaction standards, connection protocols, and data transfer technologies, evaluating their features for an effective adoption of the proposed network architecture, which can be used to improve the interoperability of heterogeneous IoT devices.


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