blockchain, blockchain concept, computer science, bibliometric study


This paper aims to study the blockchain concept domain in the computer science field due to bibliometric study. Authors employed bibliometric and network analysis techniques to analyze existing literature. In total, 719 articles in the period of 2019 to August 2023 from the Web of Science (WOS) database were analyzed after applying search string, and criteria for inclusion and exclusion. Initial data screening involved the extraction of fundamental information, followed by data analysis based on co-occurrence, bibliographic coupling, and citation using special program software VOSviewer and R program. research areas "compute science" and "engineering". In addition to that, VOSviewer and R-based tools illustrate the application of text mining involves utilizing computational techniques to extract, analyze, and represent the key concepts and relationships within the field of blockchain technology. Data analysis primarily involved co-occurrence analysis, bibliographic coupling, co-authorship examination, citation analysis, and co-citation analysis. In the context of a blockchain concept thematic analysis, was applied clustering by coupling. Furthermore, it was conducted the thematic analysis to scrutinize the content of prior studies in the computer science field using clustering by coupling. Ranking of the authors, organizations, and countries was applied according to total link strength metric which was used to quantify the overall strength of connections between nodes within a network. Besides, citation analysis has also been conducted to assess the articles' ranking, considering both worldwide and localized citations. Bibliometric results indicate blockchain concepts within such thematic frameworks as access control scheme, identity management system, supply chain management, artificial intelligence integration, blockchain technology applications, and blockchain smart contract.


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